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LT104B1 1W Weather-proof Bayonet LED LightLT104B1 1W Weather-proof Bayonet LED Light

LT104B2 3W Bayonet G4 Lamp Replacement Bulbs

LT104B2 3W Bayonet G4 Lamp is designed for energy saving, easy installation base with 9-17VAC/DC low voltage. 2700K-6000K customizable color temperature. It is ideal for boats, RVs, CARs, Dome lights, etc.

  • Silicone Construction, Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor environments
  • With safe operating voltage 9-17V AC/DC
  • 3 years warranty

Specifications of 3W Bayonet G4 Lamp


P/N LT104B2
Wattage 3W
To replace halogen 30W
Lumen 270lm
LED color available Red/Green/Blue/Amber
Voltage 9-17V AC/DC
Lamp life 25,000 hours
Color temperature optional 2700K
CRI 85
Waterproof IP65
Material Silicone construction
Warranty 3 years

Video of 3W Weather-proof Bayonet

Video of 3W Weather-proof Bayonet

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